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A simple electrical installation is the easiest way to get a cable from the Consumer Unit, through the switch and then to the receiver. In smart installations, unlike traditional installations, all buttons, detection devices and receivers are connected to a single control panel with different functions that can be changed at any time without interfering with cable installations. Thanks to the system of home automation, it is possible to integrate most of the devices in the building into one system. Integration is subject to electrics, heating systems, recuperation, heat pump installation, air conditioning, CCTV system, alarm system, intercom and video entry, garage and entrance gate control.

Knx Project

Smart installations have two basic features that make it easy to define them. Intelligence in the general sense is characterized by cognitive ability. With regard to intelligent installations, this ability is expressed through a series of sensory devices, allowing one to know the surrounding world. With this equipment, the building has information on the date and time, lighting level, precipitation, presence of persons in individual rooms, presence of toxic and explosive gases and others.


An intelligent house has the ability to solve problems automatically: shutting and opening the shutters automatically according to the time of day and night, automatic garden sprinklers in the case of drought, provided that no one is close to it, are just some of the intelligent solutions offered by our smart home. At all times, the intelligent building provides thermal comfort by regulating temperature and humidity separately in every room, keeping all economic aspects. In an intelligent home, lighting can be tailored to suit the occasion and mood, ranging from delicate and moody shades of red to blue soothing and calming colors after a hard day’s work. In the intelligent home there is also the option to turn on the alarm and camera and video to view the property during the trip. The number of possibilities is infinite, the above examples are just some of them. There is also a third feature that perfectly matches the definition of intelligence, does not quite apply to smart installations in homes.


Electrical installation at home

Electrical installation at home is part of a larger network of wiring consisting of wiring in the building with electrical equipment. At the start of the home electrical system, the output terminals of the internal power line in the connector are considered. The whole is completed by the point of receiving electricity, ie plug socket, point of light or permanently installed electricity. The distribution of this type of installation at home is intended to provide energy or electrical signals to individual receivers.


Power supply system

connection and cable connections, dashboard, power lines, receiving installation, calculated number of circuits. In addition, this installation includes fixed wiring under the plaster (wiring and power cables), switching devices, as well as protective, protective, control and measuring devices.


Due to the type of power supply, the lighting system and the power system are separated. The lighting system supplies electric light sources and portable heating devices and water heaters with low power in apartments and homes.