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We provide services in the design of the implementation and modernisation of Smart home installations in KNX / EIB/ EIBA. technology.
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How do intelligent installations work

A simple electrical installation is the easiest way to get a cable from the switchgear, through the switch and then to the receiver. In smart installations, unlike traditional installations, all buttons, detection devices and receivers are connected to a single control panel with different functions that can be changed at any time without interfering with cable installations. Thanks to the system of home automation, it is possible to integrate most of the devices in the building into one system. Integration is subject to electrics, heating systems, recuperation, heat pump installation, air conditioning, CCTV system, alarm system, intercom and video entry, garage and entrance gate control.

Smart installations have two basic features that make it easy to define them. Intelligence in the general sense is characterized by cognitive ability. With regard to intelligent installations, this ability is expressed through a series of sensory devices, allowing one to know the surrounding world. With this equipment, the building has information on the date and time, lighting level, precipitation, presence of persons in individual rooms, presence of toxic and explosive gases and others.

An intelligent house has the ability to solve problems automatically: shutting and opening the shutters automatically according to the time of day and night, automatic garden sprinklers in the case of drought, provided that no one is close to it, are just some of the intelligent solutions offered by our smart home. At all times, the intelligent building provides thermal comfort by regulating temperature and humidity separately in every room, keeping all economic aspects. In an intelligent home, lighting can be tailored to suit the occasion and mood, ranging from delicate and moody shades of red to blue soothing and calming colors after a hard day’s work. In the intelligent home there is also the option to turn on the alarm and camera and video to view the property during the trip. The number of possibilities is infinite, the above examples are just some of them. There is also a third feature that perfectly matches the definition of intelligence, does not quite apply to smart installations in homes.

Does it pay off to have an intelligent home? Check how much home automation costs?

When planning an investment in smart installations, you are wondering how much they will cost. At the same time, you are analyzing the benefits of home automation. If comfort and safety are important to you, consider a smart home system and adapt it to your needs. A well-chosen integrated management system does not have to be expensive at all. Call us for help

How to find out how much an intelligent installation costs?

It is difficult to answer directly to the question of how much does one or another system cost, because (apart from a project that should always cost several thousands, although this amount can be reimbursed after purchase of the installation) each system has different components and therefore component costs.

It’s a bit like buying a car, the price can vary greatly depending on the model, and you’ll have to pay a decent price for one, while others will add the same for the price. At one manufacturer / distributor the wall panels are the most expensive part of the system, and others are added for free. Same with software. Some system providers include them in the installation price, others pay for each hour of programming.

There is no uniform solution. Usually, however, the plan of action is similar.

The investor needs to know what he / she is expecting (there are many on the internet, we recommend discussion with the MURATOR Forum). Once you know your needs, you should turn to several companies asking for a quote and a preliminary project. Designers will propose additional options and then will show how much will cost to fulfill the dream.

The cheapest solutions of the integrated system appear already for several thousand zloty. What are they able to integrate and whether it will suit us, we have to check personally.

It is difficult to determine the cost of the most advanced system without specifying what it manages.

It’s a lot and not much, assuming there is a big difference in what gets so much money. On one system will be simple control and notification, in other thanks to the installed equipment you can count on real profits and as a result return the expenditure in a few years.

Designing intelligent installations

The investor thinks about building control already before and during building of the house. At the stage of laying the electrical system and actually the only moment of laying the cables – soon afterwards the walls were plastered.

– At the stage of installation work you need to know what you want to control in the building. The cable must be connected to the correct place. In your home, such points are about 50. There are also spare cables, because everything is impossible to plan and predict. Wiring is a small expense in the construction budget. 1000 m cable is the cost of hundreds of A and more … home automation which is an individual choice of individual customers

Window and roller control

The modern system has two tasks in this building: to inform about the condition of the house and to carry out programmed activities.

There are, for example, 15 windows. External roller shutters have their own electric motors. Each window has a standard switch that can be lowered or raised. Namely, in the home network and programmed lowering takes place at 21.00, and by 6.00 raises You can program separately the operation of blinds on the ground floor and on the floor. Some windows have a special program for the time when the household members leave – the blinds are lowered and then partially raised to allow some light into the rooms where the flowers stand.

What can intelligent installation inform you about?

Thanks to the intelligent building control system, you can keep track of the various parameters inside and outside your home. Homeowners monitor the electricity consumption. They know how much power each device consumes at a given moment and at different times. In this way they checked that the preparation of hot water is cheaper than heating it in a capacitive electric tank.

In several areas of the house is read air temperature. If it is higher than set, on the controller display

Controlling heating at home

The system could raise the temperature itself. Automatic heating control is for the homeowner a challenge for the future. On each radiator you will need to install an electrovalve and program its work in the system. – The boiler can also be connected to the mains and controlled by the boiler. Provided that the model can be connected to the controller. It’s important at home with automation – pay attention to whether the device you want to buy can be plugged into the network.

Floors in the house are made of wood In several rooms, you can install moisture sensors. Humidity below 40 and above 70% is signaled – heating or humidifier must be switched on to improve air quality at home.

Lighting control and watering

The system is equipped with cameras and lighting outside the building. One camera is mounted outside the house, the other in the garage. An image of the camera can be seen on the computer and any device that has access to the Internet. When the camera registers motion, takes a picture and sends the MMS to the owner’s mobile phone also activates the image capture. It is also possible to control lighting outside the home. Starts and turns off the twilight sensor. At the installation stage, the wiring harness was brought out of the building.

– Not many people know how to set up a garden. So give yourself a chance to configure any – installation

In the garden you can automate watering with rainwater. The system responds when the rainwater tank is full. Controls watering the garden in sections: plants and lawn (sprinkling) and trees (drainage pipes). The garden is watered once a day. When there is no need and the rainwater tank is filled, the system starts the pump – the water is drained either to the pond or to the ditch.

Household owners are now planning to connect to the turbine system in the fireplace and control the distribution of hot air.