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The multiroom home antenna installation needs to be able to independently receive multiple programs in multiple rooms and meet the needs of all residents. During the installation both the present
and future TV needs of all household members should be taken into account at the stage of the television installation project. Modern home antenna installation should be designed to accommodate the use of different sources
and signal types (ie analog, digital, satellite, terrestrial DVB-T, paid platforms, internet, surveillance cable). Even if you do not have to use a particular type of signal on the day of installation, it is worth taking into account such possibilities as it may be necessary in the near or far future. The professional antenna installation will allow for free and unobstructed reception of HDTV programs.
A multiroom home antenna installation provides a
satellite and terrestrial digital television signal to all the rooms where they are present or may end up in the future
tv sets, satellite decoders, home cinema, radios. By installing the multiroom antenna system, all digital TV signals and radios are available
They are everywhere you need them to be! A typical home antenna installation includes a signal for several rooms